Specified Commercial Transactions Act


Siori Corporation


2-8-18, Suehiro-cho, Oita-shi, Oita, Japan


Go Abe

Contact Information


Service Fee

New Order for Siori (itinerary) : ¥2200
Modification Request: ¥600

Payment period and method

To use our service, you must register your credit card and personal information on Paypal.

The time of offering the service

Unless there is a specific instruction, the service will be offered after the payment.


You can cancel pending requests for new itinerary only before completed Siori is delivered to you. Once you receive it, you are automatically under the payment obligation.
Likewise, you can request for cancellation of pending modification requests only before you receive the revised Siori (itinerary). Once your request has been processed, you are automatically under the payment obligation.


By following the predetermined procedure, all users are eligible to withdraw and expunge ones’ registered account information from the service. However, we asseverate that the money once paid will not be refunded under any circumstances, and thus no member may claim a refund against the company upon withdrawal.